Albert Medal (Royal Society of Arts)

The Albert Medal of the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) was instituted in 1864 as a memorial to Prince Albert, who had been President of the Society for 18 years.[1] It was first awarded in 1864 for "distinguished merit in promoting Arts, Manufactures and Commerce". In presenting the Medal, the Society now looks to acknowledge individuals, organisation and groups that lead progress and create positive change within contemporary society in areas that are linked closely to the Society's broad agenda.

Through the Albert Medal, the Society acknowledges the profound creativity and innovation of those that work to tackle some of the world's intractable problems. Each year, the RSA identifies topical issues that confront modern society by asking the Society's Fellowship to suggest problems/subjects linked to the Society's programme. These proposals are reviewed and recommendations made to the Trustees and Council who are responsible for selecting one upon which the Fellowship will be asked to nominate worthy recipients.

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