Boston Reds (1884)

Poster for an April 1884 game between the Boston Unions (Reds) and the Keystone Club. Note the red uniform pants.

The Boston Reds (called the Boston Unions in some sources) of 1884 were a member of the short-lived Union Association. One of the last teams to join the Union Association, the Reds were owned by George Wright, whose long association with professional baseball (including the first major league team in Boston, the Red Stockings) lent sorely-needed credibility to the fledgling league. The team was managed by Tim Murnane, who was also their regular first baseman. Their home games were played at the Dartmouth Grounds.

In their one season of existence, the Reds finished with the fifth-best record in the league at 58-51. Of the teams that played the full season, they finished fourth (the Milwaukee Brewers, a late-season addition, finished with the second-best record at 8-4). Their top-hitting regular was outfielder Ed Crane, who batted .285 with 12 home runs, and their best pitcher was Dupee Shaw, who was 21-15 with an ERA of 1.77. Shaw struck out 18 St. Louis Maroons in a game on July 19.

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