Catawba language

Native to United States
Region South Carolina
Ethnicity Catawba people
Extinct probably early 20th century;[1] before 1960[2]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 chc
Glottolog cata1286[3]

Catawba is one of two Eastern Siouan languages of the eastern US, which together with the Western Siouan languages formed the Siouan language family.

The last native speaker of Catawba died before 1960.[2] Red Thunder Cloud, apparently an impostor born Cromwell Ashbie Hawkins West, claimed to speak the language until he died in 1996 (Goddard 2000). The Catawba tribe is now working to revive the Catawba language.


  1. Chief Sam Blue, who died in 1959, was raised by one of the last native speakers.
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