Brazilian coastal tree frog (Dendropsophus decipiens)
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Amphibia
Order: Anura
Family: Hylidae
Subfamily: Hylinae
Genus: Dendropsophus
Fitzinger, 1843

95, see text.

Dendropsophus is a genus of frogs in the Hylidae family. They are distributed in Central and South America, from southern Mexico to northern Argentina and Uruguay. They are sometimes known under the common name Fitzinger neotropical treefrogs or yellow treefrogs[1]

This genus was resurrected in 2005 following a major revision of the Hylidae family.[2] The species believed to have 30 chromosomes, previously placed in the Hyla genus, were later moved to this genus.[1]


95 species are currently assigned to this genus.[1]

Binomial name and author Common name
D. acreanus (Bokermann, 1964) Acre tree frog
D. amicorum (Mijares-Urrutia, 1998)
D. anataliasiasi (Bokermann, 1972) Goias tree frog
D. anceps (Lutz, 1929) Estrella tree frog
D. aperomeus (Duellman, 1982) Balzapata tree frog
D. araguaya (Napoli & Caramaschi, 1998)
D. battersbyi (Rivero, 1961) Battersby's tree frog
D. berthalutzae (Bokermann, 1962) Bertha's tree frog
D. bifurcus (Andersson, 1945) Upper Amazon tree frog
D. bipunctatus (Spix, 1824) Two-spotted tree frog
D. bogerti (Cochran & Goin, 1970)
D. bokermanni (Goin, 1960) Bokermann's Tarauaca tree frog
D. branneri (Cochran, 1948)
D. brevifrons (Duellman & Crump, 1974) Crump tree frog
D. cachimbo (Napoli & Caramaschi, 1999)
D. carnifex (Duellman, 1969) Executioner tree frog
D. cerradensis (Napoli & Caramaschi, 1998)
D. coffeus (Köhler, Jungfer & Reichle, 2005)
D. columbianus (Boettger, 1892) Boettger's Colombian tree frog
D. cruzi (Pombal & Bastos, 1998)
D. decipiens (Lutz, 1925) Brazilian Coastal tree frog
D. delarivai (Köhler & Lötters, 2001)
D. dutrai (Gomes & Peixoto, 1996)
D. ebraccatus (Cope, 1874) Hourglass tree frog
D. elegans (Wied-Neuwied, 1824) Elegant forest tree frog
D. elianeae (Napoli & Caramaschi, 2000)
D. frosti Motta et al., 2012[3]
D. garagoensis (Kaplan, 1991) Garagoa tree frog
D. gaucheri (Lescure & Marty, 2000)
D. giesleri (Mertens, 1950) Giesler's tree frog
D. grandisonae (Goin, 1966) Mazaruni tree frog
D. gryllatus (Duellman, 1973) Pacific Lowland tree frog
D. haddadi (Bastos & Pombal, 1996)
D. haraldschultzi (Bokermann, 1962) Harald's tree frog
D. jimi (Napoli & Caramaschi, 1999)
D. joannae (Köhler & Lötters, 2001)
D. juliani Moravec, Aparicio & Köhler, 2006
D. koechlini (Duellman & Trueb, 1989) Koechlin's tree frog
D. labialis (Peters, 1863) Green-dotted tree frog
D. leali (Bokermann, 1964)
D. leucophyllatus (Beireis, 1783) Bereis' tree frog
D. limai (Bokermann, 1962) Sao Vicente tree frog
D. luddeckei Guarnizo, Escallón, Cannatella, and Amézquita, 2012
D. luteoocellatus (Roux, 1927) El Mene tree frog
D. manonegra Rivera-Correa and Orrico, 2013
D. marmoratus (Laurenti, 1768) Marbled tree frog
D. mathiassoni (Cochran & Goin, 1970) Mathiasson's tree frog
D. melanargyreus (Cope, 1887) Interior tree frog
D. meridensis (Rivero, 1961) Mérida tree frog
D. meridianus (Lutz, 1954)
D. microcephalus (Cope, 1886) Yellow tree frog
D. microps (Peters, 1872) Nova Friburgo tree frog
D. minimus (Ahl, 1933) Taperinha tree frog
D. minusculus (Rivero, 1971) Rivero's tiny tree frog
D. minutus (Peters, 1872) Lesser tree frog
D. miyatai (Vigle & Goberdhan-Vigle, 1990) Hosteria La Selva tree frog
D. nahdereri (Lutz & Bokermann, 1963) Estrada Saraiva tree frog
D. nanus (Boulenger, 1889) Dwarf tree frog
D. norandinus Rivera-Correa and Gutiérrez-Cárdenas, 2012
D. novaisi (Bokermann, 1968) Bokermann's tree frog
D. oliveirai (Bokermann, 1963) Xeric tree frog
D. padreluna (Kaplan & Ruiz-Carranza, 1997)
D. parviceps (Boulenger, 1882) Sarayacu tree frog
D. pauiniensis (Heyer, 1977) Pauini tree frog
D. pelidna (Duellman, 1989) Betania tree frog
D. phlebodes (Stejneger, 1906) San Carlos tree frog
D. praestans (Duellman & Trueb, 1983) San Agustin tree frog
D. pseudomeridianus (Cruz, Caramaschi & Dias, 2000)
D. reichlei Moravec, Aparicio, Guerrero-Reinhard, Calderon & Köhler, 2008
D. rhea (Napoli and Caramaschi, 1999)
D. rhodopeplus (Günther, 1858) Red-skirted tree frog
D. riveroi (Cochran & Goin, 1970) Rivero's Amazon tree frog
D. robertmertensi (Taylor, 1937) Mertens' yellow tree frog
D. rossalleni (Goin, 1959) Ross Allen's tree frog
D. rubicundulus (Reinhardt & Lütken, 1862) Lagoa Santa tree frog
D. ruschii (Weygoldt & Peixoto, 1987) Rusch's tree frog
D. salli Jungfer, Reichle, and Piskurek, 2010
D. sanborni (Schmidt, 1944) Sanborn's tree frog
D. sarayacuensis (Shreve, 1935) Shreve's Sarayacu tree frog
D. sartori (Smith, 1951) Taylor's yellow tree frog
D. schubarti (Bokermann, 1963) Schubart's Rondonia tree frog
D. seniculus (Cope, 1868) Corcovado tree frog
D. shiwiarum Ortega-Andrade & Ron, 2013[4]
D. soaresi (Caramaschi & Jim, 1983) Picos tree frog
D. stingi (Kaplan, 1994) Kaplan's Garagoa tree frog
D. studerae (Carvalho e Silva, de Carvalho e Silva & Izecksohn, 2003)
D. subocularis (Dunn, 1934) Rio Tuquesa tree frog
D. timbeba (Martins & Cardoso, 1987) Cardoso's tree frog
D. tintinnabulum (Melin, 1941) Rio Uaupes tree frog
D. triangulum (Günther, 1869) Triangle tree frog
D. tritaeniatus (Bokermann, 1965) Three-banded tree frog
D. virolinensis Kaplan & Ruiz-Carranza, 1997
D. walfordi (Bokermann, 1962)
D. werneri (Cochran, 1952) Bailey's tree frog
D. xapuriensis (Martins and Cardoso, 1987) Xapuri tree frog
D. yaracuyanus (Mijares-Urrutia and Rivero, 2000)


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