Eduardo Rabossi

Eduardo Rabossi
Born (1930-03-20)March 20, 1930
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Died November 11, 2005(2005-11-11) (aged 75)
Cuzco, Perú
Era 20th & 21st century
Region Western philosophy
Main interests
Analytic philosophy

Eduardo Rabossi (19302005) was an Argentine philosopher and human rights activist.


Eduardo Rabossi was born in Buenos Aires on March 20, 1930 and graduated in Law at the University of Buenos Aires. Afterwards, he obtained his M.A. on philosophy at Duke University.

He is credited as a pioneer of analytic philosophy in Argentina. He was one of the founders and president of SADAF, the Argentine Society of Analytic Philosophy and the editor of its journal, Análisis filosófico.

Rabossi's political commitment began when Gen. Onganía toppled Arturo Illia's democratic government in 1966. He was designated by President Raúl Alfonsín member of the CONADEP, the national Commission to determine the fate of desaparecidos, and as Undersecretary of Human Rights. He was also a member of APDH.

He died in Cuzco, Perú on November 11, 2005, while participating in a professional congress.



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