Education in the Bahamas

Education in the Bahamas is compulsory between the ages of 5 and 16.[1] As of 2003, the school attendance rate was 92% and the literacy rate was 95.5%.[1] The government fully operates 158 of the 210 primary and secondary schools in The Bahamas.[1] The other 52 schools are privately operated.[1] Enrollment for state primary and secondary schools is 50,332, with more than 16,000 students attending private schools.[1] Some public schools lack basic educational materials and are overcrowded.[2] The College of the Bahamas, established in Nassau in 1974, provides programs leading to bachelors and associate degrees.[1] Several non-Bahamian colleges also offer higher education programs in The Bahamas.[1] Generally, the academic year in The Bahamas goes from late August/early September to late May/early June for primary and secondary schools and late April/early May for college.


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