An Encyclopaedia of New Zealand

An Encyclopaedia of New Zealand was an official encyclopedia about New Zealand, published by the Government of New Zealand in 1966. The editor was Dr Alexander Hare McLintock, the parliamentary historian, who was assisted by two others. The encyclopedia included articles written by 359 other authors. It contained over 1,800 general articles and 900 biographies.[1] It was published in three volumes[2] and its print run of 30,000 copies was sold out within three months.

The encyclopaedia is more representative of minorities than previous New Zealand reference works such as the vanity press The Cyclopedia of New Zealand, but not as representative as the Dictionary of New Zealand Biography. A number of women were present as representing firsts, including Kate Edger.

The text and images have been digitised and are published online without corrections or updates,[1] subsumed within its successor Te Ara: The Encyclopedia of New Zealand by the Ministry for Culture and Heritage.


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