Foreign relations of Transnistria

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The Transnistrian republic is recognized by three states with limited recognition, and is a member of one international organization, the Community for Democracy and Human Rights, that was established by these four states.

Diplomatic relations

Foreign relations of Transnistria
  diplomatic relations and recognition
  diplomatic recognition

  diplomatic representation in Transnistria without diplomatic relations and recognition
Entity Date of recognition Diplomatic relations established Notes
Abkhazia Abkhazia 22 January 1993 or before[note 1] Mutual recognition.[1] Representative office of Abkhazia in Tiraspol[2]
Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Nagorno-Karabakh Mutual recognition.[3][4]
South Ossetia South Ossetia 12 October 1994 or before[note 1] Mutual recognition.[1] Representative offices in Tiraspol[5] and Tskhinvali.[6]

Russia maintains a consulate in Transnistria, but hasn't recognized it as an independent state. During a visit to Kiev in 2010, President Dmitri Medvedev said he supported "special status" for Transnistria and recognised the "important and stabilising" role of the Russian army.[7]

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