List of governors of Assam

This is a list of Governors of Assam, and other offices of similar scope, from the start of British occupation of the area in 1824 during the First Anglo-Burmese War.

Today, the Governor of Assam is a nominal head and representative of the President of India in the state of Assam. The Governor is appointed by the President for a term of 5 years. Janaki Ballabh Patnaik became governor on 27 November 2009.

Powers and functions

The Governor has:

British Military Commanders in occupied Assam (1824–26)

In 1824, British forces occupied Assam, which was politically never part of either India or Burma

British Political Agents in Assam (1826–28)

On 24 February 1826, the Treaty of Yandaboo ceded portions of Assam from Burma to Britain.

Commissioners of Assam (1828–74)

In 1828, Western Assam was incorporated into the province of Bengal, followed by the rest of Assam in 1833. A Commissioner of Assam was appointed, subordinate to the Governor of Bengal.

Chief Commissioners of Assam (1874–1905)

In 1874, Assam was separated from the Bengal Presidency, and its status was upgraded to a Chief Commissioner's Province.

Lieutenant Governors of East Bengal and Assam (1905–12)

In 1905, Bengal was partitioned and East Bengal and Assam was formed, governed by a Lieutenant Governor.

Chief Commissioners of Assam (1912–21)

In 1912, East Bengal was re-incorporated into the Bengal Presidency, and Assam Province was again governed by a Chief Commissioner.

Governors of Assam (1921–47)

In 1921, the chief commissionership was upgraded to governor.

Governors of Assam since 1947

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