Green Party of Canada candidates, 1988 Canadian federal election

The Green Party of Canada fielded 68 candidates in the 1988 Canadian federal election, none of whom were elected. Some of the party's candidates have their own biography pages; information about others may be found here.


Anjou—Rivière-des-Prairies: Mario Paul

Mario Paul identified as a physical education teacher.[1] He received 1,217 votes (2.29%), finishing fourth against Progressive Conservative candidate Jean Corbeil.[2]

Papineau—Saint-Denis: H. Joseph Vega

H. Joseph Vega has been a candidate in federal and municipal elections. He described himself as a construction worker in 1988.[3]

Electoral record
Election Division Party Votes % Place Winner
1988 federal Papineau—Saint-Denis Green 469 1.19 5/9 André Ouellet, Liberal[2]
1994 municipal Montreal city council, Étienne-Desmarteau division Democratic Coalition–Ecology Montreal 153 2.51 4/4 Michelle Daines, Vision Montreal[4]

Richelieu: Jacqueline Lacoste

Jacqueline Lacoste was a registered nurse in 1988.[5] She was credited with a very strong performance in a local all-candidates debate, and some of her more enthusiastic supporters speculated that she could finish in second place.[6] In the event, she received 1,896 votes (4.07%), finishing fourth against Progressive Conservative incumbent Louis Plamondon.[2]


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