79th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)

79th Division
Active 1945 - 1945
Country Empire of Japan
Allegiance 3rd army
Branch Imperial Japanese Army
Type Infantry
Size 15633[1][2]
Garrison/HQ Ranam-guyok
Nickname(s) Play Division
Engagements Soviet invasion of Manchuria

The 79th Division (第79師団 Dai-nanajūkyū Shidan) was an infantry division in the Imperial Japanese Army. Its call sign was the Play Division (奏兵団 So Heidan).It was created 6 February 1945 in Ranam-guyok and disbanded at Tumen, Jilin in September 1945. It was a triangular division. The men of the division were drafted through Ranam-guyok Korean mobilization district, although the divisional backbone was the men from 19th and 20th divisions.


The 79th division was assigned to the Kwantung Army 30 May 1945[3] and then to 3rd army and given a defensive sector at Tumen, Jilin in July 1945. At the end of July 1945, 1000 men were transferred to the newly formed 139th division.[4]

The 79th division was estimated to be 55% combat affective by August 1945, making it the best unit available to the 3rd army.[5]During the Soviet invasion of Manchuria, the 3rd battalion of the 291st infantry regiment have suffered a severe losses, but the hostilities ceased before the 79th division was seriously hit.

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