Israeli military decorations

The Israeli Military decorations are the decorations awarded to soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces who exhibit extraordinary bravery and courage.

Its decorations consist of the Medal of Valor (the highest decoration in the IDF), the Medal of Courage, and the Medal of Distinguished Service. It also includes the Citations (Tzalash), which are awarded in four classes.

Two soldiers share the title of being the most decorated soldier of the IDF: Captain Nechemya Cohen (1943-1967), and General Ehud Barak (formerly Chief of Staff, later Defense Minister).[1]


Medal of Valor
The highest decoration
Medal of Courage
Medal of Distinguished Service

Citations (Tzalash)

Chief Of Staff (Ramatkal) Citation
Head of Regional Command (Aluf) Citation
Divisional Commander Citation
Brigade Commander Citation

Campaign ribbons

Campaign ribbons awarded for service during war. Citation is worn on the campaign ribbon in times of war .

War of Independence
Sinai War
Six Day War
War of Attrition
Yom Kippur War
First Lebanon War
Second Lebanon War
Protective Edge

Service ribbons

Service ribbons awarded for activity in the struggle for the establishment of Israel.

Hashomer Ribbon
Nili Ribbon
Jewish Legion Ribbon
Haganah Ribbon
Etzel Ribbon
Lehi Ribbon
Mishmar Ribbon
Fighters against Nazis Ribbon

Other ribbons

Chief of Staff Medal of Appreciation
Hero of Israel
Qatamon Medal
Decoration of State Warriors
Mandate Prisoners Decoration
Eliyahu Golomb Israel Security Award


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