Jean-Marie Charpentier

The Shanghai Grand Theatre

Jean-Marie Charpentier (27 April 1939 24 December 2010[1]) was a French architect and urban planner. He founded Arte Charpentier' in Paris in 1969.


Jean-Marie Charpentier was born in Paris, France. [2]

Jean-Marie Charpentier graduated in urbanism at the University of Paris in 1966, and at the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts in 1969. He taught architecture in Cambodia for a year, before founding Arte Charpentier in Paris in 1969. Arte stands for Architecture, Research, Technique and Environment. The agency comprises four practices: urban planning & design, landscape design, architecture, interior design.

In 1984, Jean-Marie Charpentier is one of the first European architects to settle in China.

Jean-Marie Charpentier is the grand-nephew of composer Gustave Charpentier.


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