Jo van den Broek

Housing towers in Berlin Hansaviertel, van den Broek & Bakema at right
This is a Dutch name; the family name is van den Broek, not Broek.

Johannes Hendrik ("Jo") van den Broek, (October 4, 1898 - September 6, 1978) was a Dutch architect influential in the rebuilding of Rotterdam after World War II.

Van den Broek was born in Rotterdam. He joined with Johannes Brinkman in 1936, after the death of Brinkman's partner Leendert van der Vlugt.[1] The firm's work during this time including a new terminal building for the Holland-America cruise line.[2]

From 1948 onward, van den Broek worked with Jacob B. Bakema. After Brinkman's death, the architectural firm was known as Van den Broek and Bakema. They collaborated to design landmarks and neighborhoods in Rotterdam and around the Netherlands, and participated in the 1957 Interbau project in Berlin. Van den Broek died in The Hague, aged 79.

The firm still exists to this day and is now known as Broekbakema.[1]

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