Kiribati–United States relations

Kiribati – United States relations


United States

Kiribati – United States relations are bilateral relations between Kiribati and the United States.


Following its independence in 1979, Kiribati signed a treaty of friendship with the United States.[1] The United States Department of State characterizes U.S.–Kiribati relations as "excellent", as of 2009.[1] The United States has no consular or diplomatic facilities in the country. Officers of the American Embassy in Suva, Fiji, are concurrently accredited to Kiribati and make periodic visits.[1] The U.S. Peace Corps, an independent United States federal agency, had maintained a program in Kiribati since 1967. However, the Corps announced plans to pull out of Kiribati in November 2008 after 35 years of working in the country.[2] Michael Koffman, the Peace Corps Country Director for Kiribati, cited the frequently cancelled and erratic air service in the country as the main reason the Peace Corps was leaving Kiribati.[2]


Principal U.S. Embassy Officials include:

The U.S. Embassy responsible for Kiribati is located in Suva, Republic of the Fiji Islands.

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