Legislative Assembly of Alberta

Legislative Assembly of Alberta
29th Alberta Legislature
Coat of arms or logo
Founded September 9, 1905 (1905-09-09)
Preceded by North-West Legislative Assembly
Bob Wanner, NDP
Since June 11, 2015
Government House Leader
Brian Mason, NDP
Since May 24, 2015
Opposition Leader
Opposition House Leader
Nathan Cooper, Wildrose
Since June 1, 2015
Seats 87
Political groups

Governing Party

Opposition Parties

Last election
May 5, 2015
Next election
May 31, 2019 or earlier
Meeting place
Legislature Building, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
The Legislature grounds from the roof of the building.
Alberta Legislature Building

The Legislative Assembly of Alberta is one of two components of the Legislature of Alberta, the other being the Lieutenant-Governor of Alberta.[1] The Alberta legislature meets in the Alberta Legislature Building in the provincial capital, Edmonton. The Legislative Assembly consists of 87 members, elected first past the post from single-member electoral districts.

The maximum period between general elections of the assembly, as set by the country's Charter of Rights and Freedoms, is five years,[2] but the premier controls the date of election and usually selects a date in the fourth or fifth year after the preceding election. Since 2011, Alberta has fixed election date legislation, fixing the election to a date between March 1 and May 31 in the fourth calendar year following the preceding election.[3] Alberta has never had a minority government, so an election as a result of a vote of no confidence has never occurred.

To be a candidate for election to the assembly, a person must be a Canadian citizen older than 18 who has lived in Alberta for at least six months before the election. Senators, senators in waiting, members of the House of Commons, and criminal inmates are ineligible.[4]

The currently seating assembly is 29th Alberta Legislative Assembly.

Current members

The current members of the Legislature were elected in the 29th Alberta general election held on May 5, 2015. Bold indicates cabinet members, and party leaders are italicized.

Member Party Constituency
  Pitt, AngelaAngela Pitt Wildrose Airdrie
  Piquette, ColinColin Piquette NDP Athabasca-Sturgeon-Redwater
  Westhead, CamCam Westhead NDP Banff-Cochrane
  van Dijken, GlennGlenn van Dijken Wildrose Barrhead-Morinville-Westlock
  Taylor, WesWes Taylor Wildrose Battle River-Wainwright
  Cyr, ScottScott Cyr Wildrose Bonnyville-Cold Lake
  Payne, BrandyBrandy Payne NDP Calgary-Acadia
  Drever, DeborahDeborah Drever NDP Calgary-Bow
  Ganley, KathleenKathleen Ganley NDP Calgary-Buffalo
  Miranda, RicardoRicardo Miranda NDP Calgary-Cross
  Malkinson, BrianBrian Malkinson NDP Calgary-Currie
  Luff, RobynRobyn Luff NDP Calgary-East
  Clark, GregGreg Clark Alberta Party Calgary-Elbow
  Gotfried, RichardRichard Gotfried Progressive Conservative Calgary-Fish Creek
  Panda, PrasadPrasad Panda Wildrose Calgary-Foothills
  Ceci, JoeJoe Ceci NDP Calgary-Fort
  Kazim, AnamAnam Kazim NDP Calgary-Glenmore
  Gill, PrabPrab Gill Progressive Conservative Calgary-Greenway
  Connolly, MichaelMichael Connolly NDP Calgary-Hawkwood
  McIver, RicRic McIver Progressive Conservative Calgary-Hays
  Coolahan, CraigCraig Coolahan NDP Calgary-Klein
  Rodney, DaveDave Rodney Progressive Conservative Calgary-Lougheed
  McPherson, KarenKaren McPherson NDP Calgary-Mackay-Nose Hill
  Sabir, IrfanIrfan Sabir NDP Calgary-McCall
  Swann, DavidDavid Swann Liberal Calgary-Mountain View
  Jansen, SandraSandra Jansen NDP Calgary-North West
  Kleinsteuber, JamieJamie Kleinsteuber NDP Calgary-Northern Hills
  Sucha, GrahamGraham Sucha NDP Calgary-Shaw
  Fraser, RickRick Fraser Progressive Conservative Calgary-South East
  McLean, StephanieStephanie McLean NDP Calgary-Varsity
  Ellis, MikeMike Ellis Progressive Conservative Calgary-West
  Hunter, GrantGrant Hunter Wildrose Cardston-Taber-Warner
  Aheer, LeelaLeela Aheer Wildrose Chestermere-Rocky View
  Barnes, DrewDrew Barnes Wildrose Cypress-Medicine Hat
  Smith, MarkMark Smith Wildrose Drayton Valley-Devon
  Strankman, RickRick Strankman Wildrose Drumheller-Stettler
  McCuaig-Boyd, MargaretMargaret McCuaig-Boyd NDP Dunvegan-Central Peace-Notley
  Bilous, DeronDeron Bilous NDP Edmonton-Beverly-Clareview
  Eggen, DavidDavid Eggen NDP Edmonton-Calder
  Goehring, NicoleNicole Goehring NDP Edmonton-Castle Downs
  Shepherd, DavidDavid Shepherd NDP Edmonton-Centre
  Nielsen, ChrisChris Nielsen NDP Edmonton-Decore
  Loyola, RodRod Loyola NDP Edmonton-Ellerslie
  Hoffman, SarahSarah Hoffman NDP Edmonton-Glenora
  Schmidt, MarlinMarlin Schmidt NDP Edmonton-Gold Bar
  Mason, BrianBrian Mason NDP Edmonton-Highlands-Norwood
  Sweet, HeatherHeather Sweet NDP Edmonton-Manning
  Dach, LorneLorne Dach NDP Edmonton-McClung
  Carson, JonJon Carson NDP Edmonton-Meadowlark
  Woollard, DeniseDenise Woollard NDP Edmonton-Mill Creek
  Gray, ChristinaChristina Gray NDP Edmonton-Mill Woods
  Sigurdson, LoriLori Sigurdson NDP Edmonton-Riverview
  Feehan, RichardRichard Feehan NDP Edmonton-Rutherford
  Dang, ThomasThomas Dang NDP Edmonton-South West
  Notley, RachelRachel Notley NDP Edmonton-Strathcona
  Turner, BobBob Turner NDP Edmonton-Whitemud
  Jean, BrianBrian Jean Wildrose Fort McMurray-Conklin
  Yao, TanyTany Yao Wildrose Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo
  Littlewood, JessicaJessica Littlewood NDP Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville
  Loewen, ToddTodd Loewen Wildrose Grande Prairie-Smoky
  Drysdale, WayneWayne Drysdale Progressive Conservative Grande Prairie-Wapiti
  Anderson, WayneWayne Anderson Wildrose Highwood
  MacIntyre, DonDon MacIntyre Wildrose Innisfail-Sylvan Lake
  Hanson, DaveDave Hanson Wildrose Lac La Biche-St. Paul-Two Hills
  Orr, RonRon Orr Wildrose Lacombe-Ponoka
  Anderson, ShayeShaye Anderson NDP Leduc-Beaumont
  Larivee, DanielleDanielle Larivee NDP Lesser Slave Lake
  Fitzpatrick, MariaMaria Fitzpatrick NDP Lethbridge-East
  Phillips, ShannonShannon Phillips NDP Lethbridge-West
  Schneider, DaveDave Schneider Wildrose Little Bow
  Stier, PatPat Stier Wildrose Livingstone-Macleod
  Wanner, BobBob Wanner NDP Medicine Hat
  Cooper, NathanNathan Cooper Wildrose Olds-Didsbury-Three Hills
  Jabbour, DebbieDebbie Jabbour NDP Peace River
  Schreiner, KimKim Schreiner NDP Red Deer-North
  Miller, BarbBarb Miller NDP Red Deer-South
  Nixon, JasonJason Nixon Wildrose Rimbey-Rocky Mountain House-Sundre
  McKitrick, AnnieAnnie McKitrick NDP Sherwood Park
  Horne, TrevorTrevor Horne NDP Spruce Grove-St. Albert
  Renaud, MarieMarie Renaud NDP St. Albert
  Babcock, ErinErin Babcock NDP Stony Plain
  Cortes-Vargas, EstefaniaEstefania Cortes-Vargas NDP Strathcona-Sherwood Park
  Fildebrandt, DerekDerek Fildebrandt Wildrose Strathmore-Brooks
  Starke, RichardRichard Starke Progressive Conservative Vermilion-Lloydminster
  Rosendahl, EricEric Rosendahl NDP West Yellowhead
  Hinkley, BruceBruce Hinkley NDP Wetaskiwin-Camrose
  Carlier, OneilOneil Carlier NDP Whitecourt-Ste. Anne

Seating plan

Sucha Anderson Orr Schneider Anderson, W. Taylor MacIntyre Cyr Hunter Stier Drysdale Ellis Gill
Sweet Strankman Loewen Panda Hanson Yao Pitt Van Dijken Fraser Rodney Gotfried
Jabbour Jansen Smith Barnes Nixon Cooper JEAN Aheer Fildebrandt Starke MCIVER SWANN CLARK
McLean Feehan Carlier Phillips Sigurdson Bilous Ganley Mason NOTLEY Ceci Hoffman Eggen McCuaig-Boyd Sabir Larivee Miranda Gray
Rosendahl Luff Malkinson Piquette Miller Goehring Schmidt Cortes-Vargas Westhead Payne Shepherd Littlewood Coolahan Babcock Dach McPherson
Woollard Kleinsteuber Turner Dang Drever Neilsen Schreiner Connolly Loyola Renaud Carson McKitrick Fitzpatrick Horne Kazim Hinkley

Standings during 29th Assembly

Number of members
per party by date
2015 2016
May 5 May 22 Sep 3 Nov 23 Jan 8 Mar 22 May 28 May 31 Nov 17
New Democratic 54 53 54 55
Wildrose 21 22 21 22
Progressive Conservative 9 8 9 8
Liberal 1
Alberta Party 1
Independent 0 1 0 1 0
Total members 86 87 86 87
Vacant 1 0 1 0
Government Majority 22 20 19 20 22 21 23


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