List of diplomatic missions to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta

  Accredited Ambassador
  Official representative with non-diplomatic responsibilities

This page lists diplomatic missions accredited to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. Since it does not have its own territory and its sovereign extraterritorial headquarters are located in Rome, most countries do accredit their Ambassadors to the Holy See, resident in Rome, additionally to the Order of Malta.

Accredited embassies

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To the Holy See (embassy building located in Rome) unless otherwise noted-

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  1. Marrëdhëniet midis Shqipërisë dhe Urdhërit Sovran Ushtarak te Maltës janë vendosur në vitin 1994. Ambasadorët e Republikës së Shqipërisë pranë Urdhërit Sovran Ushtarak të Maltës: 2007– Incumbent Sh.T, z. Rrok Logu
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  7. lo scorso 3 ottobre, l'Ambasciatore Georgios F. Poulides, ha presentato le sue Lettere Credenziali al Gran Maestro Fra' Matthew Festing, con le quali ha assunto le funzioni di primo Ambasciatore Straordinario e Plenipotenziario della Repubblica di Cipro presso il Sovrano Ordine di Malta.
  8. Velvyslanectví České republiky při Svatém stolci je také zastupitelským úřadem České republiky v Republice San Marino a při Suverénním řádu maltézských rytířů.
  9. Ambassador of Egypt to the Holy See, and the Order of Malta (non-resident)
  10. Representación Diplomática y Consular de El Salvador ante la Santa Sede y la Soberana Orden de Malta, con sede en Roma
  11. Delegation of the European Union to the holy see, to the order of Malta and to the United Nations Organisations in Rome
  12. Embassy of Georgia to the Holy See (Vatican) also accredited to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta
  13. Relaciones Diplomáticas con la Republica de Guatemala, page 7
  14. The Cardinal Patronus is in charge of promoting the spiritual interests of the Order and of its members, as well as the relationships between the Holy See and the Order of Malta.
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  18. Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania to the Holy See and to the Maltese Order
  19. Missions diplomatiques et consulaires du Mali à l'extérieur
  20. Cooperation Mali-Ordre souverain de Malte : Jeune et dynamique
  21. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Malta
  22. Embassy of the Republic of Macedonia in Rome
  23. Embassy of Monaco to the Order of Malta
  24. Embassies and consulates of Montenegro
  25. Embajadas de Nicaragua
  26. "Romania's diplomatic and consular representation in SOVEREIGN MILITARY ORDER OF MALTA is provided by the Romanian Embassy in VATICAN", Romania, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  27. Постоянный Представитель - САДЧИКОВ Николай Иванович (по совместительству Представитель при Мальтийском Ордене)
  28. Diplomatic Representations of San Marino
  29. Ambasada Suverenog Vojnog Malteškog Reda u Republici Srbiji
  30. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ukraine
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