Mauremys leprosa, adult female from Spain
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Sauropsida
Order: Testudines
Suborder: Cryptodira
Superfamily: Testudinoidea
Family: Geoemydidae
Subfamily: Geoemydinae
Genus: Mauremys
Gray, 1869[1]

Mauremys Gray 1869:500[1]
Ocadia Gray 1870:35[3]
Emmenia Gray 1870:38[3]
Eryma Gray 1870:44 (junior homonym)[3]
Cathaiemys Lindholm 1931:29[4]
Pseudocadia Lindholm 1931:30[4]
Chinemys Smith 1931:xxvii[5]
Annamemys Bourret 1939b:15[6]

Mauremys is a genus of turtles in the family Geoemydidae (formerly called Bataguridae). Ocadia and Chinemys are included here by some scientists, but not by the majority nor by hobbyists.

Species include:

The Fujian pond turtle, described as Mauremys iversoni, is a farm-bred hybrid, between yellow pond turtles (usually females) and the golden coin turtle or Cuora cyclornata (usually males). Similarly, the turtles described as Mauremys pritchardi are farm-bred and wild-occurring hybrids between the Chinese pond turtle and the yellow pond turtle. While it is not unusual for valid species of geoemydid turtles to arise from hybrids, this is yet to be discussed with M. pritchardi; M. iversoni is probably not, since they only seem to be produced in farms and most males are sterile.


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