Mauritanian cuisine

Camel couscous, made under the tent in the dunes of Ajouer (Mauritania)
Location of Mauritania

The cuisine of Mauritania includes the culinary practices of Mauritania. Historically, what is now Mauritania, has been influenced by Arab and African peoples who have lived in and traversed the "stark" landscape marked with Sahara desert dunes in caravans.[1] There is an overlap with Moroccan cuisine in the north and Senegalese cuisine in the south.[1] French colonial influence (Mauritania was a colony until 1960) has also played a role in influencing the cuisine of the relatively isolated land.[1] Alcohol is prohibited in the Muslim faith and its sale is largely limited to hotels.[2][1] Mint tea is widely consumed[1] and poured from height to create foam.[3] Traditionally, meals are eaten communally.[3]


Thieboudienne in Mauritania

Traditional Mauritanian dishes include:


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