Sivuch'i Rocks

The Sivuch'i Rocks (Russian: Sivuch'i Kamni) are a group of barren islets and rocks on the eastern side of Uda Gulf, in the western Sea of Okhotsk. They lie just north of Medvezhy Island. The largest are two islets, lying 4 km (2.5 mi) northwest and southeast from each other, the former 232 m (761 ft) high and the latter 171 m (561 ft) high. A 79 m (259 ft) high pillar rock lies just to the southwest of the latter of the two islets. Reefs fringe the group.[1]


American whaleships and boat crews cruised for bowhead whales around the rocks between 1855 and 1874. They called them the Sugar Loaf Rocks.[2]


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Coordinates: 54°49′N 136°17′E / 54.817°N 136.283°E / 54.817; 136.283

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