Prefecture-level city

Location of Suqian City (yellow) in Jiangsu

Location in China

Coordinates: 33°56′N 118°17′E / 33.933°N 118.283°E / 33.933; 118.283Coordinates: 33°56′N 118°17′E / 33.933°N 118.283°E / 33.933; 118.283
Country People's Republic of China
Province Jiangsu
  Mayor Wang Tianqi (王天琦)
  Prefecture-level city 8,555 km2 (3,303 sq mi)
Population (2011)
  Prefecture-level city 4,730,000
  Metro 735,000
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)
Postal code 223800
(Urban center)
223600, 223700, 223900
(Other areas)
Area code(s) 527
GDP ¥193.6 billion (2011)
GDP per capita ¥40,930 (2011)
Major Nationalities Han
County-level divisions 5
Township-level divisions 115
License Plate Prefix 苏N

Suqian (simplified Chinese: 宿迁; traditional Chinese: 宿遷; pinyin: Sùqiān) is a prefecture-level city in northern Jiangsu Province, People's Republic of China. It borders Xuzhou to the northwest, Lianyungang to the northeast, Huai'an to the south, and the province of Anhui to the west.


The prefecture-level city of Suqian administers 5 county-level divisions, including 3 counties and 2 districts.

These are further divided into 115 township-level divisions, including 111 towns and township, and 4 subdistricts.

Map Subdivision Hanzi Pinyin Population (2010) Area (km2) Density
Shuyang County 沭阳县 Shùyáng Xiàn 1,538,054 2,298 669.30
Siyang County 泗阳县 Sìyáng Xiàn 830,502 1,418 585.68
Sihong County 泗洪县 Sìhóng Xiàn 909,311 2,731 332.95
City Proper
Sucheng District 宿城区 Sùchéng Qū 796,627 854 932.81
Suyu District 宿豫区 Sùyù Qū 641,059 1,254 511.21
Total 4,715,553 8,555 551.20

Notable people

"Tissang" (Suqian). Nieuhof: L'ambassade de la Compagnie Orientale des Provinces Unies vers l'Empereur de la Chine, 1665
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