Taisan-ji (Kobe)

Sanshinzan Taisan-ji

Main hall
Basic information
Location 224, Zenkai, Igawadani, Nishi-ku, Kobe, Hyogo 651-2108
Affiliation Tendai
Country Japan
Website http://www.do-main.co.jp/taisanji/
Architectural description
Founder Umakai Fujiwara
Completed 716

Sanshinzan Taisan-ji (三身山太山寺) is a temple of the Tendai sect in Kobe, Hyōgo, Japan. It was established by Empress Genshō's instruction in 716.

Taisan-ji's Main Hall completed in 1293 is a National Treasure of Japan.

Building list

Tatchu temples (Branch)

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Coordinates: 34°41′47″N 135°04′01″E / 34.6965°N 135.067°E / 34.6965; 135.067

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