Teizo Ishiguro

Ishiguro Teizo (石黒貞蔵) (October 15, 1887 January 8, 1950), a Lieutenant-General in the Imperial Japanese Army of military personnel commanding first the 6th Army in 1943 and then the 29th Army in Malaya until the end of the war. Holder of the Isao tertiary Order of the Golden Kite.


Born in Tottori Prefecture, Teizo attended Tottori junior high school. He attended a Military Academy in May 1907 and from which he graduated becoming a second lieutenant in the 40th Infantry Regiment. Teizo became an infantry instructor rising to the rank of Major by March 1924.

He served at the Toyama Army school and the Shimoshizu Army flight school. Appointed a Lieutenant-Colonel in the 1st Regiment of the 1st Division in August 1929, Teizo was transferred to the Toyohashi Reserve Officer Training School in 1932. In 1933 he was a Governmental advisor to Kwantung Army and in 1934 its Kempeitai Training.

In 1936 he was Commander of the 2 Regiment of the 14th Division and in 1938 he was promoted to Major-General commanding the 7th Brigade of the 7th Division. In 1939 he became Commandant, Toyohashi Military Preparatory School and in 1940, being promoted to Lieutenant general, commander of the 28th Division based in Shinkyō (Changchun).

On 1 March 1943 he was appointed Commander of the 6th Army based in Hailar replacing General Seiichi Kita. In May 1944 the 6th Army participated in Operation Ichi-Go On 1 July 1944 he was appointed Commander of the newly formed 29th Army and based in Malaya in anticipation of an Allied attack. Ishiguro died on 8 January 1950.[1]


His son, Takuro, was an Army captain who was killed in action. This may be partially incorrect as there is a 1st Lieutenant Takuro Ishiguro of the 34th Sentai who was killed in action during the bombing of Wewak on 20 August 1943.[2] He could have been posthumously promoted to the rank of Captain as this was not unusual in the Japanese military.


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