War College (The Salvation Army)

The Salvation Army War College
Type Private
Established 2003
Undergraduates Associate of Practical Ministry degree
Location Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Campus Urban
Website The Salvation Army War College

The Salvation Army War College was established in 2003 by Founders Majors Stephen Court and Danielle Strickland, along with Pioneers Captains Ruth and Ian Gillingham. The War College began in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and is still its longest running campus. In 2006 a War College campus was opened in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States by Death and Glory Alumni Heather and Rob Dolby and in 2008 another in Chicago Illinois, United States by Envoys Jen and Josh Polanco. The Vancouver campus is led by Training Principal Nicole Brindle.


The War College is a one-year (including three three-month semesters and one two-month deployment) incarnational, biblically based, urban missions training college.

The mission statement of The War College is "to equip and enlist warriors to win the world for Jesus." [1]

The Salvation Army endorses The War College on divisional, territorial and international structural schemes in personnel, finances and curriculum.

In Vancouver, students live primarily in The Empress Hotel, a 77 unit slum hotel at the Main and Hastings intersection in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. The Downtown Eastside of Vancouver is known for its addiction, poverty and prostitution rates. Students who attend The War College identify themselves with the poor and immerse themselves in the neighbourhood.

Students continuing their formation may select an Associate of Practical Ministry degree and continue with The War College in its Phase Two option.

The 24-7 Prayer Movement endorses and refers their pilgrims to fulfil their discipleship and training endeavours with The Salvation Army through The War College.


100 Level Spiritual Basics Courses

200 Level Spiritual Disciplines Courses

300 Level Spiritual Warfare Courses

There are modular courses that vary by year.

A list of the above courses can be found here.[2]

Board of Reference/Faculty

The Board of Reference features established leaders from around the world. These people offer insight, spiritual support and endorse The War College. The Board of Reference is reforming and will be announced mid-June 2010.

The War College local and/or visiting faculty include: Jonathan Evans, Carla Evans, Aaron White, Cherie White, Major Doug Burr, Michael Collins, Major Winn Blackman, Faytene Kryskow, Patricia King, Commissioners Marilyn and William Francis and Nicole Brindle (a full list can be found in the reference).[3]

Phase Two

Upon graduation, students can apply for a second or third year with The War College.

Phase 1: (initial War College year)

Phase 2a:

Phase 2b:

Battle School

Battle School students select core basics each term. They will not be required to live in residence and the application process is the same. The cost is adjusted accordingly (which is either training only or training and meals). There is access to most War College scheduled events.

War College sessions

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