Young Man Blues

"Young Man Blues" is a song by jazz artist Mose Allison.[1] In Allison's two-CD compilation set of 2002, Allison Wonderland, Allison reveals that the tune's full title is: "Back Country Suite: Blues (a.k.a. 'Young Man's Blues')". The tune was famously covered by The Who during live sets - first appearing on their 1970 album Live at Leeds. Another live performance features in the movie and soundtrack for The Kids Are Alright, from a 1969 performance at the London Coliseum. The song was included in Rock Band 2 as downloadable content. The tune is also found on Chris Spedding's 2009 reissued album One Step Ahead of the Blues, where in the liner notes Spedding states he was trying make a version, which was how he imagined Allison originally recorded it; having never heard it. Spedding's blues rock version differs considerably from either Allison's jazz-blues or The Who's rock versions. It has also been covered live by You Am I,[2] Joe Bonamassa, the Foo Fighters[3][4] and The Bright Light Social Hour.[5]


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